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About Us

Launceston Rotary is different. It is not a large club, but we are one of the most effective in the area. Why? Because we have our own Community Shop. (Now open again) (See - Our Community Shop)  We also enjoy ourselves, with outings and social events.

Many people think that you need a lot of time and money to be a Rotarian. Not so- it is a flexible organisation, so you do what you can, when you can, in your own way, joining with like-minded friends and getting a great deal of satisfaction while having fun.

Men and women, husbands and wives, sons and daughters are all welcome. Visit us and try us out without any obligation to join, until you are sure we are what you need. If you would like to join us, please contact the secretary, Alan Maizels using the link in the Contact Us page

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Thank you, Launceston! 


If you have ever shopped at the Rotary Community Shop in Southgate Street – this means you! This shop is unique in that it is run entirely by twenty six unpaid volunteers – both Rotarian and non-Rotarian- with the sign above the door saying “Support Your Local Area” and that is exactly what we do.
The money you spend is put to good use as it goes back to the town and surrounding area in the form of grants. Any group or society can apply for help, and during the last twelve months twenty four grants totalling over £14,000 have been given, ranging from £270 to just over £1000, with the average amount being £500.
We have assisted youth groups and schools; the arts with music workshops, folk dance events, and we are proud sponsors of the Charles Causley Festival. The environment has had a helping hand when we planted trees as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy, bee-bombed with wild flower seeds, and supported the Forest for Launceston and Launceston in Bloom. Sport, science, mental health and civic events like the Carnival and Christmas Lights have all been beneficiaries.
In addition to all this, £5000 is set aside to be used for disasters, with a maximum donation of £2000 at any one time. In a year of one disaster after another the largest donation was for the Turkish earthquake appeal with the bucket collection of £420 added to £1400 from the shop. This was sent to Shelterbox, a DEC approved charity, which provides temporary housing. They are based in Truro and are themselves a Rotary initiative and now a major international humanitarian organisation. Donations were also made to Aquabox, which provides water purification kits, and is yet another Rotary project.
Charities are not supported by the local grants, but a portion of the income from the shop is set aside to be given to charities, preferably those which benefit the people of Launceston. In addition, the shop is a collection point for used bras, which are sent to Against Breast Cancer and raise money for breast cancer research. We also receive spectacles and hearing aids which are given to the Launceston Lions for their work, and we have a reciprocal arrangement with the Food Bank Shop so that nothing is wasted.
The scope of this shop is enormous and reaches many parts of the world as well as our own locality. This is entirely due to you our customers, so well done Launceston, and keep up the good work.
This shop is unique, and it is all yours.

Latest News

Dear Dragon poster A4[1].pdf

Please follow this link to see detail of the new Children's book "Dear Dragon" that greatly benefits the End Polio Now campaign.



Youth Service

Rotary supports young people with many Youth Activities


 Our Community
Launceston Rotary is different. It is not a large club, but we are one of the most effective in the area. Why? Because we have our own Community Shop




Putting an end to polio - Rotary's gift to the world - we are so close!


The Community Shop


The  shop gives a valuable service to the community and at times resembles a social hub with friends and acquaintances meeting each other.

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So far this year Launceston Rotary Club has given £4,800 to local organisations and ££1,200 to Cornish Charities