2019-20 - Competition Main Picture (Ver 2) (002)

2019-20 Rotary Young Photographer

District 1175 Direct Entry Competition

Ideally you will be able to enter a competition that is being organised by your local Rotary Club, details of which will be advertised in your school or young people's organisation. If this is not available, then you can enter the District 1175 Direct Entry Competition by sending your entries directly to the district organiser (contact details below).
To enter the direct entry competition, please download the 2019-20 Competitor’s Information Pack and 2019-20 Entry form at the following link:



Competition Requirements.   The theme for the 2019-20 competition is ‘Through My Eyes’. Competitors must produce a portfolio of 3 photographs based on the theme and provide a brief sentence describing the relationship of each photograph to the theme. Written permissions must be submitted for any people in your pictures who are under 18 years old. Examples of previous years’ entries (which have different themes) may be found by following the picture links on the right-hand side of the webpage above.

Competitor’s Information Pack.   Please follow the instructions in the information pack, except for: 

  • Instead of competing against other entrants in your school or young people's organisation, you will be competing against other direct entrants. 
  • Your entry form and photographs must reach the district organiser by 10th January 2020. 
  • Photographic prints are not required. Instead, please email your pictures to the district organiser in high resolution (large size) electronic format (you may use any file type, but jpg is most common). 
  • Your brief sentence should be included in your covering email.Entry Form. If you are under 18 years of age, you must get your parent, guardian or carer to sign the entry form. You may either email a scanned or photographed copy of your entry form to the district organiser, or else post it. The Rotary Details on the entry form should be as follows: 
  • Sponsored by Rotary Club of: District Direct Entry.
  •       District Number: 1175.
  •       Rotarian Contact Name: Nick Warrick.
  •                     Email: nick.warrick@icloud.com.
  •                    Tel No: 01208 871499.
  •                    Tick Box: Club.
  • District Organiser:  Nick Warrick.
  • Address: Lanwithan View, Silverlake, Lostwithiel, Cornwall, PL22 OJP 
  • Email: nick.warrick@icloud.com. 
  • Telephone: 01208 871499. 
  • Mobile: 07801 931338.

Good luck with your entry Please contact the district organiser above if you need any more information